Wyld HEMP Gummy Candies are SO good, FLAVOR REVIEW – CBD Approved – 003


On episode 3 of CBD APPROVED, our host Cassy helps us get an idea of all the different flavors that Wyld has to offer in their extremely popular gummies! Wyld Gummy Candy can of course be found on the SHOWGROW MARKETPLACE: https://showgrowmarketplace.com/product/real-fruit-infused-cbd-gummies-huckleberry-250mg/ There’s Blackberry, Huckleberry, Strawberry, and Lemon! All so good you won’t be able to choose a favorite. Also, to mention the most important part, each candy is GLUTEN FREE + VEGAN and has 25MG of CBD!

Tons of organic hemp products available on our marketplace, head over to http://www.showgrowmarketplace.com to check out all the great deals! FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY!

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