Who has the best Turndown in BMX? – Asking BMX Icons


Who do YOU think has the best Turndown’s in BMX?! Leave it in the comments!
Walking around Swampfest 2021 asking all of the recognizable people I could find their thoughts on who has the best Turndown’s in all of BMX currently!
Featuring: Jay Roe, Chuck Goldy, Brandon Begin, Reed Stark, Spencer Foresman, Robbie Morales, Big Boy, Ryan Sher, Eli Kravetz, Cody Barnes, Bill Nitschke, Mark Flip, Stew Johnson, Austin Augie, Kris Fox, Jayden Mucha, Eddie Cuellar, Colin Mackay

Stay tuned for 2 more parts!
Who has the best 360 in BMX? – https://youtu.be/Dz-yPqqkqwA
Swampfest 2021 Playlist – https://bit.ly/swampfest2021

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