What's The Point of Prison?


This video is an in depth look at the police procedures commonly used to arrest criminals in the US justice system. Specifically focused on the Central Park 5. There are a number of racial biases in the police force and the criminal corrections system. Highlighted during the case of the Central Park 5 and their false imprisonment.

I also want to take a dive into the various justice system around the world to see which criminal systems work and which ones don’t, and why.

Around the world prisons and justice systems are all different and so are attitudes towards crime, theres a lot to learn from other countries. This is the place to start learning about crime and its causes.

00:00 Beginning
01:23 The Long Arm
11:22 The Interrogation
21:16 Due Process
40:08 The Lottery
41:10 Guilt By Press
52:34 Jail
1:00:00 Justice Labs

google doc with all sources – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NKgPuqf8TdTTn5HBkKuuO35xbxwXpVqHDtQ47x3x9n4/edit?usp=sharing

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