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Is smoking weed harmful? Is smoking weed dangerous? It’s medical, so it must be okay, right? Wrong! Smoking marijuana is often glamourized in our culture, through music, movies, and news media, but we also need to look closely at the bad things about smoking weed.

It may be a natural growing plant, but it is not harmless. It’s still illegal under federal law, and even some states still have laws against having it (even if you’re not using it). Legal issues can be very harmful to your life and your future. On top of this, smoking marijuana can cause all kinds of lung problems.

More and more studies have shown that young people who smoke weed can have problems with learning and memory long after adolescence. This means that smoking weed during high school could make you have brain problems in adulthood, which is a scary thought.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to smoking weed, reach out for help at 1-877-700-7539 to talk about your recovery options with a trustworthy advisor.

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