Toward A New Social Architecture: Exploring Spatial Justice in Policies, Communities, and Ourselves


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Rabbi Joui Hessel, Majora Carter, Brandon Stephens, Vivian Nixon, Kenyatta Emmanuel, Tommy Safian, DA Eric Gonzalez, and Rev. Yolanda Peterkin

Join a deep dive discussion with thought leaders and view moving personal performances from formerly incarcerated people developed in partnership with The Moth, at the kick-off event for Opportunity Justice’s Spatial Justice Project.

The innovative and interactive Spatial Justice Project uses the Jewish holiday of Sukkot as a forum for engaging communities in discussions, activities and action around Spatial Justice: The idea that constructed spaces — from communities, to cultural centers, to prisons — play a defining role in how we collectively define and implement Justice. Spatial Justice Project public installations planned for Sukkot 2022 in multiple cities and correctional institutions place a traditional Sukkah adjacent to a “Confinement Sukkot” — a recreation of a typical solitary confinement cell. The dramatic physical dichotomy of the two structures, coupled with on-site interactive programming, is designed to foster productive dialogue on spatial justice between individuals, within communities, and across communities and faiths. For more information on the Spatial Justice Project visit Opportunity Justice’s website.

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