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What’s up everybody, Andrew here with you’re worth more. Remember you are worth more than the traditional systems that hold you back from being as happy, healthy and as peaceful as you can be. So my company is Y O U R E worth more dot com. And today I want to do a little video on a CBD for joint pain. my focus is generally on mental stress and that’s a lot of what I’ve been through anxiety, depression and that kind of stuff. But I have become very active and I haven’t always been very active. For a while, mental stress and all that stuff kind of took over my life. I became kind of sedentary; but I’ve become very active.

I get injuries and I have muscle and joint pain, so I’ve tried a lot of different CBD things for physical pain; a lot of bombs, sprays, oils, lots of different things and a lot of them are OK. They make you a feel a little bit tingly; they have some mint in it mixed with some CBD They feel OK but nothing that was really impactful for me and until I found a product that really had a big impact on how I felt. Whether it was where my injury was or chronically was, it was needling me at that point. It works even if it was a joint or muscle pain or just a limb in general that I injured. I’ve had a few; I’ve strained muscles in my back and I could barely get up off the gym floor, my wife also hurt her back, she smashed her thumb with a hammer! Some pretty painful things that would need something that’s pretty strong and pretty effective to help it.

So what I want to do today, since I actually found something that I think can have a big impact on your joint pain, muscle pain or whatever kind of chronic, physical pain you’ve got going on. I wanted to do a little video for that. I wanted to share this product, is from Enliven Essential this is their full
spectrum phytocanabanoid healing cream for aches and pains.

This is the first product I’ve that really really helped me. It took away my discomfort, it just want to help me sleep when pain was keeping me up it helped me sleep, help me move around when I really messed up my back and help me be more mobile. So assists is the only topical product that I found really impactful.

I will recommend you to take something that is topical and I think that’s it obviously powerful way to go at different aches and pains and things you have going on. For more information you know different C.B.S that you can hit me up on. I have some links below to my website if you know you’re someone who has lots of different stuff going on maybe some mental stress. You know I have a link to this product, but I will also have link to my website so you can hit me up on that website if you have any questions. But this company is amazing I have talked to the owners. They are in this for the right reasons they’re doing great things. This product is wonderful and I think you guys should check them out if you have joint physical pain. They make a lot of great topical stuff.

I have some links to my website questions; check these check these links out guys. I am looking forward to hear from you and answering your questions and hopefully you bring more great products that I found in the future. You know I’ve got a Facebook group below if you’re someone dealing with mental stress or a lot of stuff you know in those areas then. Come join our Facebook group and we’ll hang out and try to grow and learn together, Let me just thanks you guys for being here I enjoy this every time and enjoy meeting all of you. We will try Learning and growing together so I’ll talk to soon bye.

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