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So, where’s Tommy Chong been lately? Other being on DWTS a few years back, there’s a good chance you saw him on his talk show, feeling the bern, or putting Jeff Sessions on blast on Twitter. However, just in case you missed out, his face is what will be greeting you when you bite into your next edible.

Chong has moved on from the big screen and comedy venues to his very own business built around cannabis. With the marijuana industry projected to generate $40 billion by 2020, Chong has entered the market with Chong’s Choice, the company he launched on April 20th of last year. Chong’s products are available in locations such as California, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, and includes carefully curated marijuana strains and even a hemp-infused drink called Chongwater.

But it was one bad trip that led Chong to launch a new chocolate edibles line. He was inspired to sell “user-friendly” marijuana edibles after he caught the flu, and a friend offered him a weed-laced gummy bear. After Chong nibbled off a corner, nothing happened, so he ate the whole thing and got crazy stoned. If this happened to a seasoned marijuana-enthusiast, then it must be happening to other people as well, he figured. Chong’s bars will contain 200 milligrams of THC but feature a 3D design that allows users to split the bar into twenty 10-milligrams doses. It will come in flavors such as Wake N Bacon, Mellow Milk, Dark Daze, and Crunchy Munchies (each bar features Chong’s face as it’s the company’s logo), and are expected to arrive in select California dispensaries in May.

The 78-year-old just beat cancer for a second time (prostate cancer in 2012 and colo-rectal cancer in 2015), and is still showing no signs of slowing down. We sat down with Chong for a three-part series where we discuss getting high with celebrities, what this new chapter of his life is like, and the evolution of marijuana into a “big business.”

Here is part one of our interview with the legendary cannabis icon.

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