The Zuck's Metaverse is Stinky


The Zuck’s metaverse is gonna smell

So Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft are all racing to build hardware for the metaverse. The problem with these goggles is they only appeal to one sense.

And in the metaverse, companies are already selling food and drinks. But half the taste is in the smell.

So here are the 3 most promising technologies for smelling the metaverse.

3. Programmable diffusers. Hypnos Virtual equips its device with all the core-smelling ingredients. This includes THC and CBD, the active ingredients in broccoli. The device then blends and releases the compounds into your room.

2. Are VR goggle clip-ons. So 64% of British millennials rather lose their sense of smell than their phone. But that’s not stopping OVR Technology from releasing their device next year.

1. Is an award-winning device from the University of Chicago. By sending electric pulses to your nose, the device gives your smell a sense of direction.








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