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As you may know – I frequently roam the internet to find inspiration for the articles I write. On Reddit, I found this post that read, “Me Trying and Failing to be Cool” from a Redditor by the name of BoyNamedSue420. In the video, “Sue” took a big fat dab hit of Gorilla Glue in one of the dopest bongs I have recently laid my eyes on… only to cough it out immediately. In fact, he didn’t even finish the hit when the concentrated vapor came spilling out of his nose.

Sue knew – “I don’ fucked up!” and instead of hiding it like a little bitch, only showing his wins – he decided to upload a fail. And with a 142 upvotes and 50+ comments, internet-stoners seemed to agree.

Thus, I was inspired by the bravery of “Sue” and his willingness to share his shame with the rest of the world. And so, today we’ll be taking a closer look at some other “BIG TOKE FAILS!”

Here’s what I found on “The Tubes”

We’ll start off with a video – which I have no idea why it still isn’t viral – that deals with 100 Weed Coughs. Maybe the reason why it’s not viral yet is because of the Video’s Title. “Weed Coughs” is an okay term but BIG TOKE FAILS is just sexier.

Hopefully this article can give the Weed Coughs video a boost in views and if it does – “you’re welcome Loaded Up”.

So what happens in this video? Exactly what the title says. You have 100 people taking hits and coughing like little bitches. Now this isn’t an offensive statement since EVERY WEED SMOKER has coughed like a little bitch at one point or another – and we are all little bitches together.

It’s weird, but if you press play on this video, whip out a pipe or a bong and just let it rip while you watch other people choke – there’s a sense of satisfaction. The entire video is kind of mesmerizing since every cough is unique – every reaction its own thing.

So for our first “BIG TOKE FAIL” I present – “100 Weed Coughs”


What did I just watch?

The next one on the list is a weird one. The title reads “Best Bong Fail scenes (awkward)” but nothing could have prepared me for the fist shot. We start of with a morbidly obese “kid” – you see, I’m not sure if he’s a kid or not…maybe he’s like twenty but sounds like a fifteen year old – I don’t know, but the dude hits the bong and starts coughing.

Only to be followed up by another guy who hits a MONSTER Dab hit. I was waiting for the “fail” in the next scene – there was none, just a dude hitting a metric-FUCK TON of dabs and clearing it without a single cough.

So is this video a BIG TOKE FAIL? I’m not so sure about the “fail” except for the first guy, but at the end of the video – they redefine what BIG TOKE means.

When the “mighty” hath fallen

The Next Video on our list is once again a mashup of fails and what not, but there’s some golden nuggets in this one. Like the “Girl who took too much” and fainted because she couldn’t handle her weed and this other dude who was talking a whole bunch of smack only to pass out on his weed cough.

Ah yes – the joys of laughing at another’s shortcomings. You can check the full video here: VIDEO!

Dab Fails

You can’t talk about BIG TOKE FAILS without including the 1 Gram Dab Challenge. Here are 10 Weed Dab Fails that definitely classify under our current category. I think one of the best or perhaps the worst ones in this list is the dude trying to hit a fat dab while riding a hoverboard. Is it excessive – of course it is! But is it entertaining? Most certainly!

Check out all the people who took a Dab too many and see the splendor of other people failing.

How not to cough?

Finally, to close up this BIG TOKE FAIL article, I found this guy on Youtube called RawOG420 who is a verified Youtuber. This stoner has a tutorial on how to hit the bong correctly so you can minimize the coughs. In my 20+ years of toking – I too have mastered different breathing techniques and “hitting techniques” to minimize the coughs – but there’s a threshold where none of the techniques matter.

Nonetheless – if you want to improve your “toking abilities” – check out this tutorial on how to cough less when smoking weed.

And there you have it. Which was your favorite? Let me know in the comments.





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