The Seven Deadly Sins of Pot Smoking Takes a Closer Look at Weed Gluttony


weed gluttony

I saw a “Vintage” post– I guess is Vintage these days but FUCK does it make me feel old – that was published in High Times when it still hadn’t “Gone Corporate”. Ah yes, 1997 – a year when magazines still were a “thing” and people thought the world’s technology grids were going to go to hell because of clocks. Well, two years later, but this is more or less the “mindset” of the times. In other words, humanity was still very “green” when it came to personal tech.

Anyhow – on Reddit the user by the name of JohnnyFongo uploaded a gem of a comic entitled “The Seven Deadly Sins of Pot Smoking” and with it, a snapshot of each sin.

In the following article, we’ll be covering the 7 Deadly Pot Smoking Sins according to vintage High Times.

NOTE: The snapshot was focusing specifically on the Sin of Gluttony so we’ll be taking a closer look at what High Times deemed “Gluttony related Cannabis Sins”.

Gluttony Expounded  

The Comic has the rotting corpse of Harry J Anslinger presenting the four minor sins related to Cannabis Gluttony.

The Bogart:

The illustration shows a man talking about god knows what while holding the joint. The title of the pane says, “The sinner who just holds the joint and talks and talks…”

This is definitely something that is frowned upon within the cannabis community. If you are guilty of Bogarting joints – STOP! Depriving someone else from partaking is a particularly bad “sin” and should be called out every time.

A simple “So – you gonna pass that shit or what?” should suffice.

The Huffer:

I personally have not come across many “Huffers” but according to High Times these are people who are “smoking the second-hand smoke” in between tokes. While this is not unheard of, I think most people are non-Huffers.

But then again – Huffers do exist and it’s pretty strange to think that the do. Anyone who knows a thing or two about cannabis smoke knows that exhaling the “exhaled smoke” or even the smoke coming from the end of the joint does not have a lot of THC.

Consuming this, you are essentially just inhaling burnt paper and plant matter – which I shouldn’t have to explain why it’s not good for you.

If you’re a Huffer – you are guilty of the sin of Gluttony according to Cannabis Law. I jest, there is no such thing as cannabis law – if you want to inhale non-potent smoke for shits and giggles, who am I to say “thou shaln’t”?

The Hoarder:

Oh we know them, and sometimes are them – I think everyone has at one point in time been guilty of withholding on the primo and giving out the dregs. Granted, it’s not something you want to do often because weed is for sharing, but if you bought or cropped out some “god-level-shit”, then you may not want to share it with the world.

In those cases, whatever you find around is better – you know, to not be a bad host and all. That includes the week old roach you have been meaning to throw away.

Now, if you have weed – share it, but there are also scavenger smokers, so you don’t have to share weed all the time either. Fuck scavengers!

The Sucker or a I call it “Flame Breathers!”

The next gluttonous swine on the list are the “Fire breathers”. These are greedy tokers who want to extract every last presence of THC from a roach by creating a vacuum around the joint and sucking like their the prettiest person in prison.

What happens then? They swallow the roach. I must admit, it has happened to me ONCE when I was very young and since then I have learned that there is always “more” out there.

It reminds me of the parable of the two bulls – one young and one old. The Young bull sees a bunch of cows grazing nearby and gets real excited. He rushes over to the old bull, just chewing on some grass watching the day go by and says, “Do you see that? All those cows! Let’s go rush over there and fuck one of them!”

The old sage of a bull simply continued to chew until he could easily swallow of which he replied; “Why not just walk over there and we fuck them all?”

There’s no need to extract the last remnant of THC in a roach – you can always roll a new joint and get high without the risk of swallowing fire.

OMS or “Open Mouth Syndrome”

I have long banished the OMS from my life. These are people who are incapable of eating and smoking separately. Now I get it, the munchies kick in – you want to eat. If this happens – EAT! But for the love of Ganj, don’t eat and smoke at the same time.

Wet, soggy, food covered joints are acts of biological warfare – where you inadvertently share your juices with other people.

Sorry to say, but if this is you – you do not have permission to smoke with me and NO I do not want to take a hit from that disgusting mess you call a joint. Fuck you!

Are you Guilty of Cannabis Gluttony?

Repent! That’s what Anslinger-zombie screams at the end, and if you are guilty of some of these  – especially the last one, you should totally repent. Gluttony is not a good look, not even in the world of cannabis.






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