The Dry Herb Vaporizer Revolution is Coming


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What is a dry herb vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is designed to heat your plant matter to a set temperature, turning the essential oils into an inhalable vapor. The herbs are left intact, but turn dark during the vaporization process. You can go more in depth about what makes a dry herb vaporizer in our Vaporizer Buyers Guide.


 How is dry herb vaporizing different from “smoking weed”? 

Vaporizers produce less toxins when compared to smoking and do not create ash. Your essential oils are boiled off the plant rather than burned off of it. Vaporizing is concerned less harmful than smoking because you are not inhaling chemicals associated with combustion. We have even surveyed users to compare how they felt smoking vs vaping if you want to read some real-user feedback.


Why is dry herb vaporizing better for you than smoking weed or vaping oil?

Vaporizers are less harmful when compared to smoking from the fact that the plant material is not reaching a temperature high enough to release all the toxins associated with combustion. You can read about the proper temperatures for vaporization in our vaporizer temperature guide


What was the moment that made you want to get into the cannabis space?

I used to work as a consultant and considered leaving the corporate world in 2010 to pursue a career in vaporizers. Back in 2009, I used to sell vaporizers out of the trunk of my car during my lunch breaks.

Majority of the people I met assumed I had gone insane, but I was able to control my own destiny. Nariman, my brother, and Pari, my sister, were my only supporters at the time, and now Nariman is the Chief Product Officer and Pari is the Chief Operations Officer for Europe. I’ve had the good fortune of finding siblings that are absolute superstars in their respective fields.

I’ve always had an active lifestyle and tried to make a positive influence on the cannabis industry, which is why I’m a strong fan of vaporizers and vaporization. I strive to live as good a life as possible, and vaporization is a less harmful way to ingest cannabis than smoking. Vaporizers are items that one should feel confident about selling; our consumers adore us because our names have been ingrained in their everyday lives, and I get to do what I enjoy. 


What advice would you give someone just starting out in the cannabis space right now?

I would highly recommend not to enter the core of any segment. There are well funded and experienced companies that are taking that space. Competing with them will be hard, but possible. However, it is not the best application of resources. The best application of resources offers the least resistance for the highest reward. The periphery is where new companies can be born. You need to pick a niche that is big enough for you to grow into, and small enough for the big players not to care about.


 Biggest mistake you made while you were starting your vaporizer company?

I was impatient at times and at other times I didn’t scale up with enough human resources quickly. My lack of patience has its upsides as many entrepreneurs are like that. It gets us to move faster than others and expect more of the world around us, but at other times it made me totally busy with chasing a Fata Morgana. I would invest a ton of time chasing something that was just too far away for the stage I was at with the company. What that effectively did is to have me focus away from the core business and into the periphery of the business. It took 7-8 years for me to realize this and start focusing on the macro rather than the next best idea to bring about a big transformation.


When do you think we will see full legalization of cannabis?

In the US, I don’t think it is far away. I would be surprised if the first term of the current US president finishes without legalization, but even if that happens, the second term, it will happen for sure. One can already observe that specific democrats have risen as champions and the positive effect on their career will show in due course. These are millions of voters sitting there ready to flock to one of the parties. These are voters that historically felt alienated from politics as nobody listened to them. Now they are just sitting there waiting for a champion politician to follow. That politician’s name will be immortalized in history. We see here in Canada that many in the cannabis sector have become loyal liberal supporters. Of course, that will wear off over time, but I think it would be wise for the democrats to seize the opportunity to gain a sizable voter base that is passionate about legalization.


What is the best way for people to contact you or order a dry herb vaporizer?  Email? Website?

Our website, offers a wide array of vaporizers for you to choose from. They have been categorized extensively for the easy understanding of the user. We also have a deals page that showcases all the promotions and offers. 

At the front lines, our team of sales experts are always eager to answer questions, fix challenges, and provide guidance that will help customers make the best possible buying choice about a product that will change not just the preferences, but also life choices. We’re always innovating, collaborating, and refining our methods to provide a refined experience to our customers. 


 What is your favorite dry herb strain that you pack your vaporizer with?

My go-to strain has to be Purple Haze. It works best with the Zeus Arc GT, a vaporizer exclusively designed for dry herbs consumption. Purple Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid formed by mixing Purple Thai and Haze strains. With a high THC content and berry taste, this mind-lifting and berry-flavored strain provides a mental boost. Because of its energising, uplifting, and euphoric impacts, this strain is ideal for vape enthusiasts.








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