The Depressing Up Top, Uplifting In the Back End Episode, Plus A Japanese Man Becomes A Dog


5/26/20: On today’s episode…..In the first half of the show we discuss the Texas shooting and the current state of affairs and how we feel about it 16:30. Three nice feel good stories to end the show like asteroids not hitting the earth and hero kittens 01:00:00.

(00:00:00) – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time
05:10 – Not so fun fact: Guns overtook car crashes for leading cause of death of children and teenagers since 2020
06:20 – This week Krispy Kreme did a free dozen donuts for seniors in high school
08:45 – Disgusting pedophile Josh Duggar was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison
11:35 – Kate Moss testified that Johnny Depp did not throw or push her down stairs that she slipped and he rushed to her aid
13:25 – Oreo and Ritz announced a new collaboration, half Ritz and peanut butter and half Oreo
16:30 – We discuss the school shooting in Texas in depth

TikTok International Moment
40:10 – Sudan – A ram killed a woman in, after headbutting her and he’s been sentenced to 3 years of hard labor
45:55 – Japan – A really creepy guy bought a dog suit and lives like a dog now
50:20 – Louisiana – A man drove his home through a town and knocked down all the power lines then abandoned the house

Triple Nice
57:10 – A giant asteroid once described as potentially hazardous by NASA will pass by earth harmlessly later this week
58:40 – The 2nd annual Josh Fight took place in Nebraska and the Joshes raised 21k for a local Children’s Hospital
01:00:00 – Binx the cat, a 6 week old kitten was found outdoors trying to take care of 3 two week old kittens he found and all four cats are healthy and in the same foster home

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