The Babylon Bee Podcast: Pregnancy, Putin, (Judas) Priest


The Babylon Bee weekly podcast is back to talk about the news of the week like Vladmir Putin being the world’s biggest Christian (Nationalist) and how trans women are still being forced to sign up for the draft because they are men. Kyle’s heavy metal guitar prodigy son also makes an appearance to help a subscriber dare come to life—you know how we will do just about anything for more money. Then Kyle and Bettina talk to the director of development at Assure Pregnancy Clinic, Evangeline Sanders, about how people like Elizabeth Warren and Stacey Abrams say they are manufacturing the heartbeats sounds in the ultrasounds to torture the women until they agree to keep their babies.

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There’s Sizzler Facts, Banger and Bomb of the Week, and Adam Yenser is back with his Weak-ly News!


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