Stoner Halloween | Cannabis & Weed Accessories For Smoke


This Is Stoner Halloween Music | Cannabis & Weed Accessories For Smoke
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How To Use Smokezzilla Grinder ✅ For Your Herbs
– Insert Pre-Rolled Cone
– Place Herbs In Grinding Chamber
– Rotate Grinder Right And Left (Herbs Will Fall Into Cone)
– Remove Pre-Rolled Cone From Bottom

-Since Smokezzilla is pretty much unbreakable, you can literally launch it anywhere! Giving new meaning to pass puff pass
-Concerned about sharing? Smokezzilla streams a steady stream of smoke directly into your face, mouth and or nose with no touch on the lid mouthpiece needed, making Smokezzilla one of the most sanitary, clean ways you can smoke.
-Avoid burn holes to your clothes, bed and your body. Since the Smokezzilla is a self-contained unit, you do not need to worry about ashes, hot cherrries ever again.
-Stop wasting your herbs. Since the Smokezzilla bottle contains 100% of the smoke, there’s zero wastage! Which means the only smoke you’re putting in the environment is smokezzilla.
-Plus, you can entirely finish your smoke every millimetre of a rolled herb without caring about roach clips or harming your fingers.
-Useful in many situations. Do you find yourself taking a walk, cycling, enjoying a party or event, floating, tubing and boating.

Now Available Smokezzilla Hitter 💨
Now Available Smokezzilla Grinder 💨

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