Runtz THCA Flower NOW AVAIL at Cannabis Dispensary in San Antonio, Texas #TX) #dispensary #Runtz


Gelato x Zkittlez = Runtz? Check out our Full Runtz THCA Review: to see Gino (Budtender), Lana (Member) & Jesse (Owner) review the Look, Smell, Taste & Effect of a new hot new indoor batch of the weed world’s most popular “strain” of the modern era: #Runtz

Allegedly #Gelato x #Zkittlez, this “Purple Candy Gas” #THCA Flower is legal in Texas, USA as a Consumable Hemp Product, and NOW AVAILABLE as #FreeLegalWeed to Members 21+ at Reggie & Dro #Cannabis Store & Social Club. We are a licensed, permitted, tax paying #Dispensary & On Site Consumption / SMOKING Lounge located in Stone Oak, San Antonio, Texas. You can buy, possess, transport and consume any amount. Members get bulk pricing as well; our 4/20 deal is a QP of THCA Dro for $420. We take all forms of payment; credit, debit, ApplePay, CashApp, you name it. We even take #Afterpay, so you can even buy now & pay later. You pay only 8.25% sales tax (NO 30-45% TAX like “legal” MJ states), BUT you never have to buy anything Reggie & Dro because every time you leave a review of the look, smell, taste, and effect, you get another free gram!

We are open 10am to 7pm every day. Free Legal Weed Daily Giveaway? Yes, it’s true, but how can you know? That’s easy. Just Visit Us LIVE at Reggie & Dro… Membership is free for a limited time at

To Easily “SAVE AS NEW CONTACT” All of Our “Biz Card” Info, Socials & LINKS Mentioned in Video, Go To


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