RR0147/C USA: Marijuana


(24 Nov 2001) SHOTLIST

San Francisco, California – June 2001:
Drag queen singing; room; man smoking; Wayne Justmann smoking; various of people in Patients Resource Centre; Dennis Peron and drag queen; audience in Patients Resource Centre; Dennis Peron; woman smoking; SOT Dennis Peron; Wayne Justmann; SOT Wayne Justmann; various Brian rolling and smoking at home; various Brian with marijuana plants; SOT Brian; exteriors of doctor’s office; various Dr. Stephen Ellis examining patient; credential certificate; SOT Dr. Stephen Ellis; exterior DA’s office; Fred Dawner; SOT Fred Dawner; San Francisco street; exterior shots of Patients Resource Centre; interior shots of party in Centre; Sister Rosemary singing (APTN)


The use of marijuana is a cause for heated debate throughout the world. Some claim it’s a gateway drug – leading to the use of hard drugs and addiction. Others argue its recreational use is hardly as dangerous – and less abused – than alcohol. Caught in the middle are the people who want to use marijuana as a means of suppressing pain. In California, sick and dying people gained the right to use marijuana for pain relief – but the US federal court – taking its lead from the Government – overturned the ruling.

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