Repotting seedlings. Top dressing Dr Earth and update Girls outside in flower! #nukeheads #marshydro


The Limited Edition Canuk Puk Auto
The Limited Edition Canuk Puk Fast
The Limited Edition Canuk Puk Gold
Critical Kush AUTO FEM
Alien Technology FEM (Prism Seeds)
Magnum AUTO FEM (Canuk Seeds)
Cheese AUTO FEM (Canuk Seeds)
2×4 Grow tent Marshydro
Green poison Nukeheads
Girl Scout Cookies.
BlueFruit from Nukeheads outgrew my tent had to move outside end of week 5 flower
Harvested the blackberry Kush.
Freakshow in the Garden
Ripperseeds in a pot in the yard
Blackberry kush fast buds. From seedsupreme.
Usa and Canada only! Please like comment and subscribe for the drawing. Let’s go for pound!!
7 Gallon Fabric Pots
Promix soil
Logical Gardens Supersoil mix!
New York State Recreational legalized marijuana!
Vipraspectra led v1200
Update on the seedlings
Omg Ripper seeds
Blue Dream Blackberry Kush, Bruce Banner Auto and Blue Dream
Espoma Organic Garden-Tone
Espoma Organic Plant-Tone
Fox Farm Strawberry Fields soil
Fox farm Ocean Forest soil
Cannabis seed Giveaway
Ripperseeds, Criminal and Old school
Gnats and cannabis
Diatomaceous earth
Pre-Sexing cannabis
Regular seeds
Super thrive
4×8 Grow room
Key lime pie
Peanut butter breath, pbb
eBay marijuana Cannabis seeds
Marijuana Cannabis indoor grow
Led grow light
Mars hydro 144
Maxsisun 600w
Dr Earths Tomato,Vegetable and Herb organic fertilizer
Miracle Grow Garden soil Moisture control
Miracle Grow Flower
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