Product Review: Absolute Nature CBD Hemp Flower | Fruity Aroma | Does It Actually Work💁‍♂️?


Absolute Nature CBD is a Colorado-based company. Today, I will be reviewing its hemp flower. I have high hopes for this one as they won the Global Health Pharm(GHP) Medical Cannabis Award in 2019 and Commercial Cannabis Award in 2020.

Upon opening the jar, the aromas of the flower caught me off guard. The nugs have a powerful strong fruity scent and slightly earth undertone. The presentation is good, the nugs were sticky, and the terpene shield covers the inside of the jar.

After a few puffs, I could feel it working. Having dealt with stress and anxiety in the past, it seems to alleviate some of those symptoms off my shoulder. The flower is uplifting with body and brain buzz but not too much to give you a couch-lock experience.
Wondering how a flower looks like? This video of highlights the most awesome way to look at your flower.


You can use CBD oil as tinctures, balms, sprays, edibles and smokes to manage symptoms of various conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, and stress. However, the effectiveness of each of these CBD products depends on your CBD dosage.

A CBD dosage chart is not the same for everyone. Each person requires a different amount of CBD to achieve the effects they desire.

So, how much CBD should I take?

The answer to this question is not simple but you can reach a conclusion by considering a few points.

Your ideal CBD dosage is determined by three primary factors:

1) Weight
2) Your condition
3) Potency of CBD oil

With the guidance of a professional, you can evaluate these factors to determine the best CBD dose for your medical condition.

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