No more Indica or Sativa: What Is Interpening?


No more getting suckered in by distinctions like Indica or Sativa, fancy strain names and bogus COAs.Talk to @Max.Montrose the founder of @Trichome.Institue and Interpening, live this June 3rd at 5pm PST. You can literally ask him anything you’d like about cannabis, hemp, the industry, interpening, or psychedelics as he is intimately involved in that space as well.

Showing up to the live event also puts your hat in the ring for a chance to win a bunch of premium hemp flower, as well as a chance to win over $500 worth of Trichome Institute courses!

Everyone who attends will also get discount codes for other Trichome Courses, books, tools, and of course CBD flower and other products from us. @max.montrose, @greenunicornfarms, @trichome.institue,, &


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