Nevada lawmakers consider 'cannabis lounges,' which could help Utah visitors


The Nevada State Legislature is considering a series of bills on recreational marijuana use, which could make it easier for people to legally consume the product.

The bills, making their way through the final week of the legislative session, could have an impact on the border towns closest to Utah that are already experiencing “pot tourism.”

“As a state that relies heavily on tourism, as a community that relies heavily on tourism, we’re going to see those cannabis tourists. We already do see those cannabis tourists,” West Wendover Mayor Daniel Corona said in an interview with FOX 13 on Wednesday.

Mayor Corona said he is supportive of Assembly Bill 341, which would create special “cannabis lounges” where people can go and legally consume. The bill is designed to solve a problem that was created when voters legalized recreational marijuana in 2016. When someone purchases marijuana in Nevada, it’s only for consumption in a private residence — not in hotels, not in casinos, and not in public.

So the idea of a “cannabis lounge” is being proposed. It would be a place where a visitor could go and consume the product.


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