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On 21 September 1992, Kenley Matheson—a 20-year-old first-year Acadia University student—disappeared from Wolfville, Nova Scotia, without a trace. No eyewitnesses came forward. No body was found. No suspects emerged. And no leads surfaced. His bank account was never touched, and no one in his family has seen him since. For three decades now investigators—from local PD and the RCMP to private detectives hired by the family—have been stumped. And to this day his strange disappearance remains one of Canada’s greatest unsolved mysteries. Ten years in the making, Missing Kenley is a five- episode, ten-part investigative docuseries on the Kenley Matheson story. The series both re-examines every theory as to what may have happened to Kenley and delves deeply into his life story as well, and the memory of him that still resides among family members and friends. In so doing, the film integrates the “missing Kenley” case—his disappearance cum unsolved mystery—with that of the experiences of the people he left behind, those still “missing Kenley,” the earnest and adventurous young man who once wrote, quoting Jack London, “I would rather be ashes than dust…I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.”

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