Mendocino County; Marijuana Outdoor Grow Full Season Part 3


Mendo Dope Vision brings you this first time full season look at an outdoor grow with Mendo Dope in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, Mendocino County. Part 3 takes you deep through bloom, the outdoor elements and harvest in our 6 plant legal medical marijuana garden featuring from TGA(Team Green Avengers), “Cuvee” a collab between Aficionado of Mendocino and TGA breeders Subcool and MzJill, “Timewreck” a clone gifted to us by Subcool, “Cheeze Quake” from clone a special pheno type we have kept alive for years, “Jesus OG” from seed and “9lb Hammer” from TGA breeders Subcool and JinxProof . So come grow with Mendo Dope. Thanks for watching Part 1-3 of our 2014 Outdoor Personal Garden. Keep it growing


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