Medical Marijuana Washington State , Skagit County USA


Medical marijuana is about to be removed from our dispositories. Hi, I am a medical marijuana patient. On January 6 in Mount Vernon WA. is having a meeting at 8:30 am near the courthouse. IF you live in Washington state , take notes and if in Skagit Co. scream loud.Prohibition on medical Marijuana.
my theory is taxes. The government get more money on regular pot sales. The medical marijuana is cheaper and other strengths are available to us because of critically ill folks. Or this goes with hospice medications. terminal illness will have to pay more than medical. Listen .. I hear a conspiracy…. stop the government which made this a legal issue last voting period. Now take it from us ???? I will have cold dead hands when you do. it will take u that long to catch me and I will have gone on to my cabin anyway. Heaven comes in flavours … shawny 🙂


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