Marijuana Companies are Hiring Like Crazy, But Still Have Stiff Challenges Ahead


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The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has had significant effects on different industries both in the public and private sectors. The effect of the deadly pandemic has done more than affect the ability of persons to live their normal lives as they normally would. It has also rocked commercial activities and led to significant changes in the mode of operations of many industries including the cannabis industry. However, some industries have survived these trying times while some have risen to the occasion and gotten even stronger. Where does the cannabis industry find itself across this divide, read on as we look into why cannabis companies are still hiring despite the obvious problems.

Cannabis companies during the COVID-19 era

Companies that have to do with video-conferencing and different forms of delivery services certainly benefited maximally from the covid-19 pandemic as more people engaged their services. The lockdown precautions that were instituted by different countries put a halt in the activities of many businesses except those that were tagged essential. This essential tag to goods and services differs from state to state but a number of states classified cannabis as essential. Naturally, states deal with matters concerning cannabis because the natural herb is still classified as being illegal federally despite the fact that different states legalize its medical and recreational use.

The essential tag of cannabis for medical and recreational use in a number of states meant that some cannabis companies had to increase their number of workers though the opposite was happening in other sectors. The pandemic created a scenario where many people depended on the natural product for different reasons. Apart from those that were using cannabis medically before the advent of the pandemic, some new users rose on the account of the pandemic. This is because more people needed the calming and relaxing effects of CBD and other cannabinoids embedded in cannabis to help deal with the pressure of the pandemic.

Sleep deprivation and anxiety are the two common issues that have characterized many people during the pandemic. These two conditions have been treated by CBD and other cannabis products in times past which is why stocks and sales of cannabis products surged during the pandemic. With this, more people became reliant on cannabis as a coping mechanism which means that cannabis companies were required to step up to meet the increasing demand for products. Hence, the increase in the hiring activities of cannabis companies during a period when others were letting staff go.

How have cannabis companies risen to meet this change?

Despite the fact that the situation of the pandemic and the essential tag given to the business by some states remain a huge positive, there’s still a considerable amount of work to be done in order to make it count. Different companies had to make changes to their operating structure to make this advantage count in terms of profit. The companies were still being affected by the restrictions to the movement that were imposed generally. This meant that cannabis companies had to find ways to make products available to people though they most likely won’t be coming physically to the dispensaries.

Many cannabis companies rose to this challenge perfectly by offering their consumers the ability to order products online without the need to come in physically. This was also complemented by the fact that they instituted proper digital payment platforms and good delivery services to get the product to the desired destination without trouble. These changes to the operating structure of different cannabis companies eventually brought about a situation where there was a need for more people to come on board hence the increase in hiring being done by different cannabis companies. Lightshade, a cannabis company based in Colorado made these changes to their operating structure during the pandemic.

Cannabis companies have had to adjust and pivot considerably to take full advantage of the opportunity given and meet the demands of consumers. The need to hire professional hands in the area of e-commerce and digital payment has never been so important. In the socially distant world brought on by the covid-19 pandemic, job security is not a certainty that makes the changes and the moves made by cannabis companies to protect their employees unique and laudable.

Old roles for cannabis businesses are still important

Despite the new areas of cannabis businesses that have been brought on by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the common roles of cannabis businesses and jobs remain as important as ever. Changes in the supply chain will surely affect the business generally especially the new sectors like e-commerce, digital payment, and delivery. Cultivation of the natural herb is always required to be topnotch and the presence of strong regulatory guidelines and requirements means adequate personnel is needed in those areas too.

Extraction. storage, distribution, and finance roles are just some of the common sectors for cannabis companies that need to be standardized at all times. Standardizing these arms of the cannabis company occurs in the aspect of personnel, equipment, and resources because their contribution to the success of the venture is invaluable. The cumulative effect of standardization of these arms along with the new ones introduced by the advent of the pandemic is bound to increase the sales and revenue of such companies. Cultivators, trimmers, packagers, budtenders, delivery drivers, patient care specialists, marketing specialists, and managerial experts are common examples of employees actively being sought after by cannabis companies.

Bottom line

Although we are gradually overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s detrimental effects on businesses will be felt for a while before things start to return to normal. It is obvious that the importance of the cannabis industry and its products means that in such trying times like the COVID-19 pandemic, it is highly essential to the populace. This means that why the demand for goods and services of other industries drop, that of the cannabis industry is to be expected to skyrocket. This is why an increase in the hiring capacity of cannabis companies has been noticed despite the fact that some businesses are struggling.








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