manifest cannabis + chill stoner parents


disclaimer: this sub uses alot of slang/weed terminology, if you don’t understand it’s will be harder for the affs to manifest.


manifest all forms of THC and CBD
parents smoke and provide you
manifest glass, vapes, and edibles
low tolerance
manifest shrooms and good trips
smoking buddies
unlimited marijuana
become more attractive when high, while also never ‘looking’ high
always safe
healthy relationship with cannabis

this sub was constructed…

with two layers, one I/me affs(looped twice) and the other you/your affs(shorter and looped five times). I make my affs simple and adjective filled. easy for the subconscious to understand and emotionally connect with. unsped. Plus a booster.


listening at least 2-3 times a day for one month is recommended. you don’t need none of that “good mindset, visualize, drink water” nonsense (please still drink water though). it’s will manifest regardless as long as your consistent.



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