KAHM CBD Product Review


I’m sharing my thoughts and experience with KAHM CBD products, available at ridingwarehouse.com.

CBD seems to be the hottest new thing in the horse world, regardless of discipline. I think it is the bees knees and I am going to explain why. 

CBD has a wide array of uses for various ailments, mostly inflammation, pain management, and mood balancing 

KAHM has a large assortment of product and I am going to review a few of them for you today, talk about application, administering, dosage, outcomes, and a few tips and tricks along the way. 

Dosage is frankly all over the map depending on the product and your unique horse. I’ve spoken to a representative from KAHM and a bunch of my fellow competitors and the best advice they or I can give you is start small and gradually increase until you find the right dosage for your horse and use. If you have questions on where to start, read the product label closely.  KAHM is one of the top of the line because their product is verified by an independent lab – Ingredients and quality of ingredients are key, especially in such a new product 

KAHM’s hemp pellet can be given as a daily supplement in their grain or an increased dose before competition. I do both and just add an extra scoop the day of a race. 

KAHM also has a power packed single serving syringe, made especially for competition. I have found that this is best given about 2 hours before a race. Be sure to check dosage once again and start small the first time you give it to your horse.

A common misconception is that CBD will get your horse “high”. Not true. CBD does not contain THC, which is the psychotropic chemical derived from the same plant. – I have found that CBD doesn’t slow my horse’s feet, only their mind. It gives them the opportunity to take a deep breath and focus on their job. My horse’s attitude becomes willing, they get soft, but still have every once of athleticism that I have conditioned into them. 

Let’s talk about one of my favorite KAHM products and that is the tincture oil. I like using this also on days of heavy training or competition. Jacob is still a baby so he only gets about 2/3 of a dropper. At rodeos, Stryker get’s 2 full droppers about 2 hours before the race. This needs to be given sublingual, meaning under the tongue for best absorption. I just pinch their nose a little to keep them from throwing their head and this liquid gold from flying everywhere. No joke, this stuff is expensive! 

I have become a believer of CBD products and use one product or another every time I swing a leg over one of my horses. I’ll be honest with you – it is just one of those products that you have to try for yourself, especially as it pertains to dosage. Barrel racing is a game of tenths of a second and I want to do everything I can to make my horses feel happy, healthy, and strong. When I use these products on Stryker he is less anxious, there is no swelling in his joints, and he seems more focused on his job. 

It is important to note that CBD is not allowed in all competitions. Be sure to check with your sanctioning organization to see if CBD is on the list of banned substances before administering. 

After every ride I like to use a cold hose on my horses, especially any spots that are prone to soreness then I apply my favorite product of all – liniments. 

KAHM’s liniment product comes in a spray bottle for easier application but it is a gel so you can apply it directly on your horse or in your hand and then rub it in. I like to shave my horses’ legs pretty short in the summer to ensure maximum absorption. Be sure to rub against the grain of the hair so it absorbs into the skin. You can use this on any muscle group including back, shoulders, hocks, whatever. This stuff smells really good too! It’s kinda an herbal, almost minty fresh smell and you don’t need gloves to put it on. 

My final review of KAHM’s line is that my horses seem happier and healthier on their CBD products. Isn’t that right, Jacob?!

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