Just Holes w/ Nikki Glaser | Ep 42 | Trash Tuesday w/ Annie & Esther & Khalyla


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0:00 Trash Tuesday Merch is Here!
2:24 Annie in Her Heels Next to Brad Williams
6:59 Esther’s New Tattoo & Annie’s Chicken Cutlets
9:44 Short Vacations
13:06 Kissing Rhythm & If Esther Kissed Nikki Glaser
15:51 Being Holes in Bed & Hot Inanimate Objects
26:20 The Things We Do on Our Podcast
29:32 Female Facial Hair & Waxing
32:16 Nikki Glaser & Whitney Cummings Naked Moment
33:54 Nikki Glaser Opens Up About Her Mental Health
49:41 Cuffing Season
51:32 Age Differences in Relationships
56:16 Annie & Bobby Lee Kissed
57:25 Our Men With Other Women
1:07:17 Guys That Don’t Want Funny Women

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Produced by: George Kimmel & Bryce Hallock – 7EQUIS

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