How to. Sisters of the Valley,(USA),have grown their own marijuana and sell it for medical purposes.


The “marijuana nuns”
smoke all social conventions ,The Sisters of the Valley, California (USA), have grown their own marijuana since 2014 and sell it for medical purposes. Make balms and ointments and send them to the whole world.
But the habit does not the nun: despite their appearance, they are not really religious

“Our Remedy is a Remedy,and is not posicoactive.
We are dealing with what is currently called hemp, but in fact we advocate the legalization of the entire plant”, sister said.

“We are against religion, so we are not a religion. Through our clothing we are showing respect to a plant upon which lies were spoken and who was disrespected for 100 years.
The Catholics understand what we are doing and, when they fail to see the superficial, they say: “Oh, they’re treating cancer patients. They are serious women with a serious mission” sister said.

They arose from the occupy movement, with the mission of supporting patients and empowering women through work.
Your religion is nature and his only messiah, marijuana.


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