How to Make Your Own Herbal Edibles, In Capsule Form #naturalmedicine #moneysaving #inflation


This is a preview of how I make my own edibles, my cannabis recipe. Super easy to micro dose, or macro dose, and make your own custom doses. May even help you quit weed if you want, all up to you.

This process created after the doctors at the VA told me to use more cannabis when I told them “im trying to quit”. So i did what any disabled veteran would do, figured out how to make my medicine cheap for the long term, for everyone. Now I can make myself 200 pills and make them last 2-3 months. Dropping my weed costs to under $50/month.

Check out the full version of this video here:

If you want to know everything I’ve learned from my capsule making experience, let me know. I’ll make a series demonstrating everything from how to calculate the best value bud to checking your active ingredient volume before filling capsules, ensuring perfect, balanced dosages every time.

I am a mechanic and hold a BS in engineering from Montana Tech. I want to help you live better, cheaper, and more sustainably, by sharing how I save money on everything I can. Not only do I cook and clean, I invent and make my own things all the time… And endlessly creative imagination supported by an engineering education. Built to experiment indefinitely.

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Simplest solutions are often the best.

Products I use in this video:

Capsule machine from:
All In Capsule Machine In this video (Size 00).

All In capsule maxhine i recommend if you just want 1 Machine (Largest Size 000)

*If you use the following links to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you (THANK YOU!!!):

Dry packs for long term storage 💊 , 🍄, etc. Reuseable too:

Electric Spice Grinder:

Air fryer:

Mason jars:

Digital Scale:

Pre-Separated 00 capsules:


For the electrolyte blend:

Unrefined Mineral Salt:

Magnesium powder:

Potassium Chloride:

The electrolyte recipe (I go heavy on magnesium, like 3-4x more):

Ingredients I’ll show in future pill videos:

Ground flax seed meal:

Very cool Yellow/Green caps/pills/💊:

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