How to Get WEED on the Plane !!!


Ive flown with weed since i was about 15…the first time i got pulled to the side and they searched my bag…i almost shit my pants and ran away…I know I know…where was I gunna run to ? ahahahah
(intended for the 18 & over)

This is a full video on how I get my weed on my flights….i know LAX just made it legal to fly with an ounce now …buuuuuut what they don’t tell you is that hella airlines prohibit it still even though LAX said it ok … so damn dumb !

Im not saying you should fly with weed so you can sell it … I’m simply taking my weed with me because I’m a patient and its my right …somewhat.
Before i was 18 I was still just taking weed so i could smoke…. I was pretty dumb honestly for taking weed on the plane so young but fu*k it.

I hope this video made you at least research your laws so you aren’t trying to fly internationally ..DONT DO THAT EVER GUYS!!!

SOOOOO……side note….I watched Blow with Jonny Depp all the time when i was a kid…the second i got through security with the weed after they searched me i felt like George Yung in the scene when he gets all the coke through the airpot ahahahahah…im not lying at all..I wish i was……

THANK YOU GUYS FOR WATCHING …….Have a Dope Ass Day !!!
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