Honey Badger Haze strain review while playing Donkey Kong Country 3


I get energized on Honey Badger Haze from AK Slow Burn as I play Donkey Kong Country 3. Last game for this week since the audio keeps echoing.

Amazing aroma of mild lemon and earthy birch. It reminded me of the Russian spas I’d visit where we’d use bundles of twigs with leaves called a ‘Venik’ to massage each other. Bright frosty buds with nice little hairs and an awesome trim job. Cultivated by Peace Frog Botanicals this batch has a THC of 20.17% with no CBD. 

Smooth hits that tickled the nose at first and tasted just like it smells. This must be a sativa strain because my attention span really improved and I was so energized! It only took about three small bowls to get me on a roll! I felt a nice buzz but did not get too high. I remained productive and multitasked like a boss. This strain is perfect if you need that focus and have things to get done. 

Today I really enjoy playing Donkey Kong Country 3 and running through the first world in under 30 minutes. Sorry the audio echoed, I believe it might be the headphones not syncing with the program or just a slow laptop. Either way, it was a blast to see how well the game improved over its trilogy. Great graphics, nice music, cool baddies, and the ability to turn into the animal helpers! DKC3 is by far my favorite.

Which character is your favorite? Dixie or Kiddy? 


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