Hemp For Victory: The Wonder Herb – Every Medical Marijuana Club Should See This


That hemp is not a part of the health care conversation is not only stupid, its a shame. With more than 800 medical marijuana clubs according to the Christian Science Monitor, count this book among the things that are too important not to share.

From the hempster Richard M. Davis of the USA Hemp Museum, www.hempmuseum.org , a private museum with a virtual wing, comes vital information. This material can help medical marijuana clubs, doctors, patients and other interested folks learn how to get the most from hemp / marijuana / cannabis / ganga / weed / Mary Jane, medicine.

In this webeo Davis talks about how hemp helps with healing as demonstrated through museum exhibits from his book HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE WONDER HERB. The hard copy is available at www.amazon.com .

For more information on the 50,000 plus uses for the hemp plant, please visit the USA Hemp Museum. www.hempmuseum.org


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