HAMM – Heat 2


Bern Gallery’s Pipe Classic 15 – A Classic Finale Presented by Glass Torch Technologies & Moodmats. September 12 – 17, 2022
Featuring : Joe Peters, Salt, Kurt B, Hamm, Pakoh, Icke, Mike Raman, Hicdogg, Coyle, Laceface, Hickory, Windstar
Sponsored by: Sunset Lake CBD, Higher Elevation, Mr. Z, Glass Vegas, Formulation Station, Fatguy Edibles, Mins Pipe Show, Highly Rooted, Forbins Finest, Puffco, Greenstate Gardener, Magic Mann, Bushy Beard, High Seas Gallery, Somewhere On The Mountain, Glass Alchemy, Cannaplanners, Willie’s Wood, Stoked, Perkey Planet, Moksha Cannabis, Sticky Brand, The Scale, North Jersey Diamond Wheel, Appalachian Farms, Off Piste Farms & Full Circle Microbes.

Due to copyright terms, these videos will not have sound as we are BUMPING music in the shop! ~Sorry~


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