Grant Cardone On The Collapse Of Silicon Vally Bank, Credit Suisse, And More | Wealthy Wednesday


Are you freaking out about the recent bankruptcies of “random” banks? Do you want some counsel about where to invest your money, or are you beginning your wealthy journey with little capital and a big lack of investment knowledge? This video is for you!

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Ryan Pineda is joined by a group of wealthy individuals, including Grant Cardone, who shares his insights. They all offer valuable advice, emphasizing the importance of diversifying one’s business and investing in real estate to avoid bankruptcy and stagnant capital.

The video also covers valuable beginner skills to learn, like networking and sales, and key actions for beginners to take to embark on their wealthy journey (steps which include networking, working hard, learning, networking, and networking).

If you need assistance with the networking part, join us at WealthCon in Hollywood! Our VIP ticket offers you the opportunity to meet and connect with our speakers so you can make valuable connections for you and your business.


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