Funny Court Appearance #4 Natalie Lawyer Chick Joins Me To React!


There was an appearance by Natalie Lawyer Chick!

Hon. J. Cedric Simpson Criminal Docket for 01/18/2022


Sovereign Citizen Court Fail #16

Ernie Tertelgte – Sovereign Citizen – Natural Man Playlist–qen0X

New Camera
The new microphone! (Blue Yeti)


Song: Xenogenesis
Artist: TheFatRat
Artist’s channel:
New Jersey vs. Marrakush Society
Sovereign Citizens In Court #17
Sovereign Citizens In Court #5
Sovereign Citizens Traffic Stop #1
Sovereign Citizens In Court Playlist
Sovereign Citizens In Court #1
Funny Old Lady In Court
Drunk Attorney In Court
No Pants Court Appearance

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The new microphone! (Tonor Q9)


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