Five of the Highest THC Strains to Grow that Sell (Hybrids)


There is going to be some debate over this one but we were looking at is one main reputable source for the highest THC strains, which is Leafly they have been the pioneers in alot of the tracking of genetics, and they have been around for a while so we went and found the Highest testing Hybrids that are also popular in the stores to buyers as well.

Whether your a grower or a consumer its good to note strains like this so that you can spot them on the shelves or to put them on the shelves for all my growers out there!

We left a comment box in there for people who would like to contribute what strain they think should be in there for our Sativas and Indicas video, we look forward to making more of these videos where we can look at the THC count in our cannabis. Since it is such a big deal to the store owners buying it.

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