EPISODE #162 Cannabis Stands With Ukraine, with Maksym Kharkavyi, Nazarii Sovsun, and Bogdan Yetsen


We’re joined by Maksym, Nazarii, and Bohdan from Freedom March, who are the organisers of the Cannabis Stands with Ukraine fundraising campaign – aiming to unite the world’s cannabis community to support Ukrainians.

We explore the current state of cannabis access in Ukraine, and what the campaign is doing in order to provide critical humanitarian assistance to the people in need.

Donate now at https://cannabiswithukraine.org/



About Freedom March

Freedom March, Ukrainian cannabis law reform civil movement, advocates legal access to medical cannabis, its decriminalization and the public monitoring of law enforcement since 2005.

The movement also defends in court those accused of possession of marijuana based products for personal use. Freedom March cooperates with such organizations as Veterans for Medical Cannabis, Athena. Women against Cancer, People with Epi, as well as individual scientists, medics, artists, and nightclubs around the world. The legal entity of Freedom March is NGO МІСТ.

Cannabis Stands With Ukraine Article in High Times: https://hightimes.com/news/ukrainian-cannabis-community-standing-strong-against-russian-invasion/

 The Kyiv School of Economics Fund: https://kse.ua/

Cannabis Stands With Ukraine Campaign Website: https://cannabiswithukraine.org/

Cannabis Stands With Ukraine Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cannabiswithukraine/


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