Drinking This Makes People Happier, Study Finds


Coffee makes the world go round, right? If you believe that statement, youโ€™ll be delighted by a new study that found that coffee can actually contribute to happiness. Hereโ€™s where things get a little side-eyed: The study is backed by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee, whose members include the coffee companies Lavazza and illy, so they might be a little biased.

European researchers conducted a survey and found coffee responsible for providing relief related to seasonal depression.

Over 5,000 adults from the regions of Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, and the U.K were surveyed, with most reporting that coffee lifted their moods, even during the winter, when thereโ€™s less daylight. Respondents claimed that this change in weather and natural light made it harder for them to concentrate and engage in physical activity. They also reported having increased levels of sadness and depression during this time of the year.

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The majority of survey respondents said that the main reason why they drank coffee was to boost their energy. The next most popular reason to consume coffee was to enhance concentration and improve emotions and mood.

Researchers quoted previous results that support this theory. They mentioned previous connections found in studies that found coffee responsible for promoting neurogenesis, thus preventing cognitive and affective disorders.

You Should Wait This Long Before Drinking Your Morning Coffee
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Studies have found numerous links between coffee consumption and health benefits, with the drink promoting heart health and preventing heart disease, while also preventing liver disease.

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In order to maximize the benefits of coffee, experts suggest waiting about an hour after youโ€™ve woken up to consume your cup of coffee. They explain that waiting this amount of time allows your body to wake up naturally with cortisol, the stress hormone it produces naturally upon waking. Once this hour has passed, coffee can elevate your mood when your body needs it most while preventing stressing your system out too much because of too much caffeine.

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