Dr Jonathan Reisman Hidden Wonders of Human Anatomy


Medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan interviews physician, adventurer, naturalist and author Dr. Jonathan Reisman of www.jonathanreiman.com about the hidden wonders of human anatomy.
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Questions addressed in this interview include:
Dr. Reisman, you have had an unusual career in medicine. You have traveled the world practicing medicine – Massachusetts General Hospital, Antarctica, the Arctic, Nepal, Kolkata and among the Oglala Sioux in South Dakota – speaking Spanish, Russian and English. What have you learned about the practice of medicine by working in these far-flung locations?
How is traveling through the body like traveling the world?
In your wonderful book, you say that human bodies are more than a collection of individual parts, and the clues to the well being of one organ lie hidden within another. How can we begin to understand our body as an ecosystem?
In Chinese medicine, stoppage of the flow of chi is seen as the cause of most illness. In Western medicine, health depends on the constant flow of bodily fluids. Can you explain for our audience how these concepts are similar and also different?
How is our throat poorly designed and yet at the same time a blessing at the time of many people’s deaths?
You say that our kidneys are like a canary in a coal mine, signaling potential problems for the whole body. Can you explain for our audience what you mean by that?
In your wonderful book you explain that heart specialists divide into two – plumbers and electricians. Can you explain for our audience the difference and how that correlates to different kinds of heart problems?
Using a plumbing analogy, how do general practitioners or internists focus on clogs while trauma surgeons deal mostly with leaks?
In your book you tell the story of Natalie, a morbidly obese woman who was unable to be saved due to her extreme body weight. How does fat in our bodies act like an endocrine organ and secrete hormones promoting clot formation?
You tell many stories of dissection as a medical student and what you learned in the process. What do the lungs of a healthy person look like? How does smoking cigarettes and marijuana change our lungs?
Here at the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio, we speak with many experts who practice holistic wellness – the process of seeing a person as a whole, of treating the body as a whole. How have your many years traveling all over the world working as a physician affected the way you see and treat a patient as a whole being?
How do you personally incorporate natural healing in your own life?
What makes a good doctor and an effective healer?


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