day 1 week 1 flower new genetics viparspectra xs4000


day one week 1 in flower the flower room is set up with 2 viparspectra xs4000 led grow lights. have some of my own never before seen genetics see how this round goes enjoy.


XS series and Pro series 5%-10% discount code:

US Amazon XS1000                 (Code:10EndoGrows):
US XS1500/XS2000/XS4000 (Code:XSEndoGrows):
CA Amazon XS1000                 (Code:10EndoGrows):
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US Amazon P1000/P2000/P4000 (Code: ProEndoGrows):
CA Amazon P600/P1500/P2500  (Code: ProEndoGrows): 
CA Amazon P1000/P2000/P4000 (Code: ProEndoGrows):

5×5 grow tent:
4×4 grow tent:
Official Website:


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