Davinci MIQRO C Review – Best Cannabis Dry Herb Vape Under $100?


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Hands on with the newest Davinci Vaporizer, the MIQRO C. First impressions unboxing and vape session as well as a pros/cons and scoring breakdown after a couple weeks usage of this mini dry herb vape.

This is an ultimate discreet and affordable vaporizer by a trusted brand, but our expert reviewer puts it to the test. See if this is truly one of the best dry herb vape under $100.

Watch this review for the following:
• Unboxing
• First Impressions
• How this Compares to the IQC
• First Vape Session
• Pros / Cons Breakdown: After a Couple Weeks Usage
• Overall Scoring

Our reviewer has tested multiple Davinci vaporizers and their default vape for personal use is the IQC, they know what they are looking for in a dry herb vape. See how this unit compares to the IQC and if the savings and small size are worth the price tag. Small costs could mean low quality, but Davinci is known for quality so see if this smaller and cheaper product may actually be the perfect fit for the budget conscious shopper.

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