Daily Dose of Nature | Exploring Acadia & Maine’s Wild Coast


What makes the coast of Maine such a draw for nature lovers? With its rocky promontories, gorgeous seascapes, 4,600 islands, romantic lighthouses and rich fishing culture, coastal Maine offers so much depth and variety to explore, especially in autumn, when fall colors are vibrant. Expedition Leader Lindsey Nielsen introduces us to coastal Maine’s unique geography and oceanography—including a shoreline longer than California’s! Living near Acadia National Park, Lindsey gained expertise in field ecology classes and worked as a biologist at two island research stations studying seabirds and whales. Learn why these Atlantic waters are so productive for fishing and home to such abundant marine life, including seals, whales, seabirds, mola mola, and, of course, lobster. With an emphasis on Acadia, Lindsey shares the fascinating natural history of the Pine Tree State’s wild coast, providing a


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