Cop says Legalize Marijuana across the USA


Cowboy Cop Helping Get Marijuana Legalized in California, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona and Nevada. Lets be real he’s doing his best to get prohibition repealed globally. English, Spanish, French, and German arguments you can’t take the other side of when it comes to marijuana and all drugs.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Don’t get it
Pot Prohibition is in its final stages as Colorado & Washington end the war on marijuana & hemp in 2016!!! This Cop won’t rest until the USA legalizes Cannabis. United Nations & USA, please end the charade that is the global war on pot.
AND IMMEDIATELY quit denying people employment just because of marijuana consumption. Pissing positive for cannabis and negative for big pharma, alcohol, & tobacco would be a phenomenally healthy decision! Who next will legalize Marijuana? Hopefully the UN?
PLEASE GIVE US A THUMBS UP & COMMENT IF YOU LIKE THE COURAGE OF Howard Wooldridge, Retired Police Officer and Co-Founder of LEAP, who convincingly argues why we need to Re-Legalize Marijuana NOW throughout the Americas! Please reach out and support his current organization Citizens Against Prohibition.

ALSO, please immediately call & write your congressman urging them to Co-Sponsor Ron Paul & Barney Frank’s legislation H.R. 2306, which would end federal marijuana prohibition NOW!

2012 consider moving West as they seek to…
Regulate Marijuana Like Wine in California
Legalize Marijuana in Washington & Colorado


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