CBD, THC & HEMP? What is the difference? | El Paso, Tx (2021)


On today’s podcast Spencer Salas and Dr. Alex Jimenez discuss CBD, TCH, and Hemp. Spencer answers questions in an honest and sincere manner bringing light to the complex dynamics of the raw materials and ingredients that are so very important to healing and recovery.

Mr. Spencer Salas has a passion for natural healing. He shares his personal story and his powerful “WHY”.
He brings awareness to what is sometimes a confusing subject.

Mr. Salas answers deep questions on the following questions.


1. Difference between Marijuana, Hemp, and CBD plants?
2. What are CBD and THC? Differences.
3. What are the benefits of CBD? Is it really a “cure it all”?
4. Principal uses of CBD, Productos most sold.
5. Explain the difference between Spectrum and Isolated CBD.
6. What are the laws in Texas to regulate this? Age limit?
7. Can CBD be detected on a drug test (field/lab)?
8. Is it addictive? What are the emotional benefits?
9. What is the process of harvest, production of CDB?
10. What is the dosage and how long does it take to see the benefits? How does it affect your body (cellular health)?

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