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What is CBD How does it work find out here – CBD Oil Benefits Side effects / Anxiety Depression – CBD Review – Cannabidiol – Hemp oil – Now CBD

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In this Video we briefly explain – CBD Oil Benefits Side effects / Anxiety Depression – CBD Review – Cannabidiol – Hemp oil – Now CBD

Mental health and who it effects?

6.6 % of people

0.7% of people

85% of adults

3 Million people


In the UK it is estimated that 16 million people experience a mental illness once in their life
Thats 1 in 4 people
Depression and anxiety effect around 1 in 5 people

Percentage of male/female in the UK with a common mental health disorder
Male = 12.5%
Female = 17%

CBD is a hemp extract, utilised within NOW CBD products for oral use

So why CBD ?

CBD has been shown to be a natural solution to reduce symptoms of depression by regulating essential human functions such as sleep, appetite, mood, and pain

Now CBD offer a range of products which are naturally produced and can offer an alternative to traditional medicine

NOW CBD pride themselves by only stocking the very best quality products

No additives
Gluten free
GMO free
No pesticides
No herbicides
C02 pressed
Lab tested
Full spectrum CBD

Do you know someone who could benefit from CBD ?

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