CBD American Shaman | Skin Care Products (25 day) REVIEW 2020


CBD American Shaman Skin Care | REVIEW 2020

So, Me being the biggest skeptic on skin care products, I have decided that enough was enough with my skin issues so I went to a local CBD Store: CBD American Shaman to pick up three items; CBD Face Cream, CBD Lip Balm, and CBD Under Eye Serum.

I gave it about 25 days until I decided to review any results. Also I decided to take a take-home drug test just because some of their products may contain less than 0.3% THC. I know its a very dumb question to ask if you will test THC positive for a drug test using only topical products, I still could not find any direct answers.

I can honestly say that so far my skin has been feeling and looking noticeably better, especially since I’ve been using the lip balm. 25 days and I’m pretty happy with how these products feel so far and the amount that these products come in will last me 6-8 more months. Go ahead and try it for yourself, I was a skeptic but now i’m starting to believe that these products will help with my skin issues.


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