Bruce Banner #3 Harvest Under MarsHydro FC-E6500


It’s harvest time and the Bruce Banner #3 autoflows are FROSTY. These seeds are from the collaboration with @Dark Horse Genetics and @daz.nightowl. Anyone that has doubt with the quality of autoflows this is must grow. These girls were push to their limits and performed amazing. From seed to harvest I made the decision not to top dress to see how well my living soil performs with autoflows. Toward the end of harvest I maxed out right around 300watts at 18h/day. You can see in the video how the leaf’s have taco’d but they all still prayed and just continue to put all their effort in her flowers. The end results were trichome packed flowers with the aromas of sour strawberry, funky cheesecake with a light citrus back note with the sour.
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