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Zootiez Premium  Cannabis Brand Fosters Elite Cannabis Consumption                                    


It is in human nature to get used to things and at some point get bored with the habitual and easily available; we then start looking for something refreshing, unheard of before, a new sensation. This lucky human trait triggers discovery and innovation. Once you have tried common ​strains of cannabis, ​you may start looking for a new, more exotic sensation. Some weed strains offer that experience.

There are over a thousand cannabis strains known to date; they are like fingerprints—never any two are alike. A journey to discover your strain -“the ​strain”​- may take years of experimentation; one can get lost on that trip without proper guidance. On the supply side, as the legal cannabis industry in the US is growing against the backdrop of the legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use in many states, the number of cannabis companies has mushroomed.  Recreational marijuana use is now legal in 18 US states including Washington DC, whereas its medicinal use is legal in 38 states and DC. On the demand side, during the pandemic, 50% of cannabis users have increased their consumption, and online cannabis orders growing by 55% in 2021 compared to 2020.

That said, the market and the sophisticated cannabis aficionados are long ready for a niche product that would stand out from the myriad of known strains and offer a new experience.

Meet Zootiez, a California-based company, a sommelier in the cannabis world that has mastered the art of cultivating and creating unique strains. Like a perfumer that is capable of distinguishing hundreds if not thousands of scents and mixing them in artful combinations to create unique and memorable perfumes, Zootiez’s connoisseurs have mastered to perfection the art of curating cannabis strains in a manner that appeals to the most demanding palate. Though only two years in business, Zootiez has made a name for itself; it stays above conventional cannabis brands, a Rolls Royce among the Fords and Toyotas using an automotive analogy, its rare, proprietary flavors being its trademark.

Zootiez specialists—the Connoisseurs-men—with thirty years of combined experience, a lifetime by industry standards, in growing and breeding cannabis strains, ensure thorough quality control from the cultivation to the store shelf while being creative. They are focused on producing small batches of organic and highly potent products. The brand manufactures the industry’s best product because it hires the best cultivators and breeders; its dedication to excellence has won the brand famed devotees from among prominent public figures and A-list celebrities.

Zootiez has set the highest quality mark for itself aspiring to eminence enjoyed by such acclaimed brands as Richard Mille and Hermes and promoting an image of luxury. Founded by a native of Humboldt, California, Zootiez maintains the highest industry quality standards Northern California cannabis growers are known for.  The combination of the highest quality standards and the creativity of Zottiez’s connoisseur team is moving the brand closer to achieving its ambitious yet quite justified goals.

As the cannabis industry in the US and worldwide is continuing its expansion, the new trend toward sophisticated and gourmet cannabis consumption that Zootiez personifies will be gaining momentum as there will always be a divide between a mass product and exclusivity.





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