Blue Cheese CBD Hemp Flower Review | By Texas Hemp Culture | Conscious Clouds Episode #4


I have to start off by saying this is hands down the best hemp I have smoked in all of 2019! These nugs look perfect, the trim job on these guys is honestly the best trim I’ve seen all year! These babies are full of trichomes and are a joy to break up! They are so sticky and pungent you just want to keep playing with it! The smell on this flower is in your face sour cheese but not like that sweeter cheese smell, a lot closer to the smell of UK Cheese. It tastes exactly like it smells, sour and cheesy on the inhale and sour cheesy hashplant on the exhale! It’s so delicious I don’t know a better way to explain it. It just sticks to your palette. This batch comes in at 15.48% total cannabinoids and 12.77% CBD so it’s not the highest I’ve seen CBD wise but you won’t be able to tell! The effects are strong and noticeable. It sets in behind the eyes and then I got a wash over of relaxation starting in my shoulders and down my back, the tension I was holding just melted away. I felt very strong anti anxiety effects as a bonus! All in all I rate this flower my highest rating so far of 9.5 out of 10! I have never recommended you try something so badly, you have to try it especially if you’re a fan of sours and cheeses! My top flower of 2019! 😁✌️🔥

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