Birmingham City Walk Part 1


Birmingham city walk! A walk through the city’s unique heritage. Birmingham Walk, such a great place to visit is that it’s a great walking city! Visitors don’t need to jump in a car every 5 minutes hopping from one attraction to the next. Come and be amazed by the number of attractions in Birmingham. We’ve got world-class museums and galleries to explore and rewarding culture and heritage to discover. During the Industrial Revolution, Birmingham became the West Midlands’ centre for jewellery metal-working.
The recent completion of Birmingham’s I-59/20 Central Business District (CBD) Interstate bridges brings about renewed focus on the space underneath the bridges known as City Walk BHAM. The goal of City Walk BHAM is to provide a space to assist in reconnecting Birmingham and create a destination and common area open to all citizens.
Did we know that Birmingham was often described as the ‘Workshop of the World’? From the eighteenth century on wards the city made goods ranging from copper coins to chocolate, printed books to jewellery. This walk explores Birmingham’s history as a manufacturing centre.


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